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What I'm doing

CyberSecurity Manager and Specialist

What am I doing? Well, I'm a born computer specialist - computers are my life. I came in contact with computers in the early days. It was at school when I wrote my first program - a biorhythm. Then came a Commodore C 64, a Commodore C 128 and finally my first IBM compatible computer (Schneider PC). I began to program (Assembler, Basic, C, Clipper, Objectiv C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic), to play and of course to learn. I learned a lot, not only in private. At work I had to play around with punchcards, 8 inch floppies, later with a more modern OS (BS2000 OSD), with programing languages like Cobol, Siron and Easytrieve.

Then came the announcement of Windows 95 (earlier we had nothing better than Windows 3.1). I was so charmed about Windows 95 that I began to write a book about switching from 3.1 to 95. Unfortunately I was a week to late and so the publishers nephew got the job. I printed my book for myself, friends and family. In fact I was very disappointed about the released version of Windows 95. It crashed far too often. This was the beginning of Linux in my life.

With Linux - I used SuSE (later openSuse) - was the best what could happen to me. I had several computers running at this time and I could even make changes to the kernel, compile it and boot it. I always had backup systems running. And - the most important thing - they never crashed.

In the early 2000s I became a little bored of Linux. No, not the underlying Linux kernel and OS. KDE became more and more kitschy in my eyes. It looked more and more like Windows. And I had to use Windows at the office and compared with Linux it was horrible. This was the time I could afford my first Apple computer. And - believe it or not - I still work on this machine and I love it. It's a Macbook Pro. Windows was dead since a long time and even my older Linux server got their final shutdown. I bought an iMac 27 inch (besides iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple-TV) and did all I had to do and all i wanted to do on the Mac. I enjoy every minute, it never crashed, I find hard- and software for all my needs.

But it is not only the administration. I love to dig deeper. A hidden Library folder is no stop sign for me. I make changes to system settings deep in the .plist files, I write small tools that I need, store important informations on my own wiki (based on Mediawiki and stored in my MySQL database), test new software and discuss with friends. Since 2017 I got even one more step deeper into computer system: cyber security. I think it's my duty to keep systems clean, to search and scan for vulnerabilities and trying to fix them.

In my professional life I wish to work in a smaller workgroup, be responsible for my very own tasks, the administration of servers but also finding bugs, finding vulnerabilities, a little programming - maybe scripts, maybe more, administrate one or more SQL databases, maybe website management. All this in a pleasant and quiet environment with a flat leadership, colleagues and supervisors that are somehow friends. It doesn't matter to get free coffee - although this is fine - it's the job, the task, the colleagues and the environment that counts.

You can get more information about me on Xing.