Apples Mac OS X - can there be something better?

Take a look at the desktop of my Macbook - a lot of information in an overview.

A screenshot of my Macbooks actual desktop. As you can see - a lot of information in one overview.

I use «Geektool» for displaying all the information on the desktop. Geektool sits somewhere between the background image and the foremost window. That means that you see the background image - in my case it's the black apple with the backlight and you see the Geektool "windows" on it (in a green font). I love this «green on black» because it reminds me of the old terminals.

As soon as you open an application and the program window pops up or as you re-activate an already open program window from the dock these windows lay themselves on top of the Geektool output. In this way you can work on without any limitation.

For me this is just the best way to be informed with everything important and on the other hand not disturbed in any way.

Geektool is a free tool and you can get it from Tynsoe and the only thing you have to do is writing some code. I prefer «bash» because it is easy and simple. You can do almost everything with bash. Another big plus for bash and for Geektool is that you can find lots of ready to use scripts on the net.

Don't be shy, start trying today.